The Most Breathable
Medical-Grade Protection Available



Unlike other N95 products currently on the market, our exclusive next-generation nanotech filter material makes our respirators highly breathable.


Weighing less than conventional N95 protection, our respirators are designed with better fit and greater comfort in mind.


Our respirators let fresh air in—and keep viruses and other harmful particles out. Our proprietary nanofiber filter layer blocks particles larger than 0.05 microns.

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Frequently asked questions

We believe the answer is definitely yes! Other solutions are heavier and hard to breathe through. It’s tough to wear them all day long. And given how difficult it is for other respirators and masks to conform to the shape of the user’s face with good fit and seal, our easy-fitting respirators protect far better than other products on the market.

First and foremost, our entire supply chain is located in the United States. Supply disruptions along the global supply chain have accompanied virus-driven lockdowns. We’ve seen the logistical nightmare that the international supply chain of respiratory equipment has become, and we won’t make the same outsourcing mistakes our competitors have.

Another reason to care is quality controls. Some countries that have been exporting masks do not share the culture of stringent quality controls found in the United States. Up to 70% of imported KN95 masks, for example, fail NIOSH testing standards and do not provide the required level of protection from Coronavirus and other contaminants. The Food and Drug Administration has even banned 65 out of 80 vendors from China because of substandard quality and ineffectiveness!

The countries that produce respirators will naturally prioritize their own people first. As an American company, we prioritize the frontline personnel and vulnerable populations here in the United States, where we face an annual shortage of over 1.5 billion respirators. We shouldn’t wait in line for other countries’ nonexistent surplus production when we can make what we need domestically.

Our respirators are designed for single use. Put on a new mask every time you enter a hazardous situation. Our environmentally friendly materials mean you can dispose of your old respirators without concern for their impact on the planet.

New Solutions for Challenging Times

Our nation is facing a challenge unprecedented in living memory. Breezlyte is building part of the solution.